Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Girl Power (Harnessbreaking Part II)

Snorka (Iluq Kipp d´Amundsen) and Modra (Inuit Kipp d´Amundsen) cannot stay behind their brothers so it was their turn to rise and shine today :)

Led by their wonderful mom Mouse and (how else) the Professore Bliss, they did an awsome job on their premiere.

As a matter of fact, Modra seems to be doing the best from all the siblings, after day one of running.

The exciting part of watching them all develop infront of our eyes, is beginning!

Mouse and Bliss take the team out of the yard
Modra is a bit confused over the road, but keeps going, with the great support of her grandpa Buck (12,5 years young).

I love Snorka´s full drive (right) - I studied her movement on all the pictures, and she is one driven, gifted babe!

onto the island

"gee" turn off the trail - teaches the babies to go anywhere

Good leaders

Look at Modra´s (left) full dive into the harness

Buck (right) amazes me every time I see him run. Full speed, vitality and smiles no matter what. Many dogs would be long time retired from running at his age!

towards the southern shore

running along and between building also didn´t surprise them

boogie down the meadow

taking a break back on the trail

I love mushing down this "aley"

Watering break - nothing´s more cool than bringing fresh water directly from the lake.
The puppies learn to sit and relax, and wait patiently for their turn of watering or snacking.

Nitro shares with Snorka

Proud mama Mouse deserving her couch time :) Bliss will one day share it too :)

and heading back home with smiles again

These runs are short in miles, but rich in excitement and fun. And that is just the way we want it to be!
Seems like we have yet another talented group of youngsters to share the adventures of the trails with!

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