Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crossing Water

I guess every musher is proud of his/her team, when they conquer obsticles such as overflow or crossing creeks. I know I am. And I try to prepare my dogs for such events whenever I get the chance.

Here is today´s team, crossing the water. Majority of the dogs on the team never did anything like that before. Noone hesitated for a milisecond and went straight forward, although they´ve had a swim in a pretty deep water just few miles back. Yes, I am very proud!

Taz and Krtek charge forward

full speed into the water, everybody follows

Runner and Star

Huggy Bear with his mom Magpie

Skittles and Chilli

Hawky and Comet

Nugget and Maya

Sparky and Goosak

... and the happy and proud musher

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