Monday, April 19, 2010

The Three Brats and Dasher in Their Element

The Phonetic Alphabet litter and Dasher the "lion-dog" are in their right element on the snow. They were all born in the winter, into the dark, cold world of snow, frost and ice.
No wonder they enjoy the snow to the fullest. I wonder how they will react once their natural surface is all gone and the green eventually changes the white scenery :)

Dasher is well aware of his strenght, bigger size and older age, and uses it to his advantage, while torturing Alpha, Bravo (on the picture above) and Charlie. Just look at his visious expression as he´s trying to steal the stick out of Bravo´s mouth! :) Run Bravo, run!

Here he is - the lion dog. His self confidence is obvious - he believes he can walk on water. (Let´s wait till the ice breaks on the puddles and ponds created from the melting snow!).

Alpha (the first born of the litter) shows her passion for cones. She can pick one and hold on to it for qutie a while. Usually until she spots another big one, tempting to pick, or until she´s called to come, as she loves getting treats for being a good girl :)
By the way, I´ve never seen so much resemblance between mom and daughter before, with the exception of Mouse and her daughter Modra. Alpha is a clone of her mom Chisana, who is a clone of her mom Star. Wow, what a strong family of excellent girls! If Alpha follows in the footsteps of her mom (who currently leads in the "fastest dog of the kennel" poll, and her grandma - one of the top three main string leaders and among the strongest dogs in the entire kennel, she will become a super dog. She is already fascinatingly fast and smart. And wild! Can´t wait to see her grow up and fill those big steps.

This is Charlie. The benjamin of the litter. The most crazy pupp ever. She was born with one great mission - to light up everybody´s day. She´s a clawn, smart and brave, wild and crazy, yet very cudly (unlike Alpha). A hearbreaker since the moment we saw her. She is the best built puppy from the litter and I´ve already told her I will take her to a show one day, to follow in grand-auntie Krtek´s steps. Her answer was licking my nose, biting my cheek and jumping from my arms, then running like a madman..
The snow is still holding on tight, but the strong lingonberry plants make their way to the sun clearly.
Alpha: "shell I help you with that mom?" These guys aren´t afraid of anything.

We even met a crocodile on our daily walk today. Thank goodness, his muzzle was all wooden.

The forrest starts getting alive with many different creatures, big and small. This fluffy, hairy little guy was making his (or her?) way through the snow, rushing somewhere to the sun, or who knows where. We moved him a bit to the side, so he doesn´t become a victim of a trafic accident, when the wild pups fly by.

Bravo the handsome. Another puppy who got me totally wrapped around his little paws. Big guy with a big attitude. I am hopelessly in love. One day I will tell the story of how he was born. And I also plan to write a post about him and "uncle" Sparky. These boys are incredibly similar.
More nice pictures from the puppy walk and of the three little brats here:

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