Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love my life

Well, I guess there is no need to say that I haven´t updated the blog for a LOOOONG time :)

While it would be next to impossible to update everything from where I´ve stopped, I will try to keep you informed about the most important happenings in our kennel and life.

But before I do that, please have a look at these shots from a training run made on March 1, 2010:

I love the return of the sun and light, I love the condition of the trails this year and I love running dogs together with my loving and supportive partner Jachym. I also totally love our new camera and the way the dogs work with so much enthusiasm and pleasure!

No matter what, life is good, when one sees the little things and enjoys every little bit of them.

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Ivana said...

I am so glad having you Katka!!! Ivana