Friday, October 2, 2009

Mouse´s Babies are Born!

Let me present the Kipp d´Amundsen "I" litter (names and theme are shaping up, stay tuned), born this afternoon!

Things went the typical way, which I am not surprised by anymore. Friday, the vet away for the weekend, Jachym out of the house with the van, for four days.

Jachym left for Kiruna International Sled Dog Symposium early Friday morning. I worked till late night the day before, to pack the rest of the stuff, as we had a booth there, presenting our Nordic Husky Farm internet shop and selling sled dog equipment, supplements and holistic health care products.

When Jachym left, I decided to sleep a couple extra hours before I would go out and train the dogs. When I finally got out of the house, dressed and equipped for the run, I noticed Mouse (whose first due date was Monday, October 5th!) being in labour and when I examined her carefully I saw the membranes had already broke, giving me less than couple hours to get everything ready for the delivery.

So I hung everything back and made the decision that I´ll have to assist her in the kennel. (Rizey is still in the house with her babies and the recent drop of temperatures wasn´t ideal to just "kick" her and the babies out).

The whole birth went perfectly smoothly, just the last girl drank much water and had a bit of problems to breath properly (similar case as with Lucky from Star´s litter). Seven tiny puppies were delivered in 2,5 hours!

I felt that if I wanna have a proper check on them and the progress of the litte girl, I´ll have to move them inside the house, so I thought how to construct quickly another whelping box - and the thought of what my friend Karen´s using stroke me! The plastic swimming pool for children!
In a brisk moment I dragged it from the attic, clened it up and removed piles of papers and other stuff which was waiting for major sorting out, in my office.

The move was done in less than 20 minutes and soon the babies were nursing happily and Mouse gave me this look of aproval and apreshiation :)

So we are proud to announce that Mouse and Nugget are parents of seven healthy puppies: 5 girls and 2 boys! Three are grey and white, one is sable and three are creme and ash colored, and will most likely turn out the same color as their mom Mouse and grandpa Lass, which is registered as isabela white.

It´s gonna be a heck of a weekend for just one human - the dogs, training, two dog mamas and their little families.
Eleven babies in the house at once! And four puppies from Star and Canuck´s litter outside! That is one heck of a puppy-heavy time around here!

There´s lots of exciting puppies to be socialized, walked through the woods and harness-broken later this comming winter :)

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