Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wind Storm

Those of you who know about numerology will agree with me, how magnificent number 9 is.
It is said to be the most powerful number and those who have nines in their birthdays are gifted with talents of sixth sense, vision of the future, etc. The number is often connected with the good witches - like the Sybila, for example.

When the harsh wind storm came today, nobody wanted to spend time outdoors, including the dogs, who just hid in the deepest corners of their cozy dog houses.

I have learned about wind stroms enough, while living in the woods, that I made one rule to be obeyed under any circumstances: We DO NOT train dogs during a windstrom day. It has nothing to do with me being weak, scared or over-cautious. I have seen branches falling from trees and missing us by centimeteres and I´ve seen healthy trees falling over the trails.
With a windstorm, we wait it out and go check the trails before we take a team out for a run.

I believe that windstorms are connected with special energies and it was interesting today, when one of our healthy big trees fell over the newly put up fence, to find out the date: 9.9.2009

Our neigbour and friend Ake came to help Jachym clean up after the disaster. Big thank you!

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