Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Leader Talent Rising

When I was writing today´s team lineup, it occured to me that I haven´t tried any of the young, least experienced dogs (last year´s yearlings) in lead this year.

I generally tend to give a chance to try running at the front of the team, to everyone. This gives me quite a high chance to find talents in dogs I wouldn´t think of as leaders, and generally tells me more about each of my furry friends, as to their confidence, intelligence, desire to go forward, obedience, respect, motivation and more.

Today I simply decided to run young Ginger (2,5 years) in lead together with one of our main leaders Magpie. And I was impressed! Ginger not only kept going forward and stayed focussed (which would have been enough for the first time), but she actually "gee-overed" the team on my command, and cooperated with Magpie when turning the team around (we have many dead end trails during fall training). She was confident and happy with her position in the team and by knowing she did well.

Here is a video featuring Ginger during a short break, enjoying her big roll on the ground, just like her grandpa Buck does, in the team, when he has a good run:

I remember this past winter, when we evaluated all the dogs, and Jachym said he wasn´t taken by Ginger´s performance in the team. As a yearling, she actually lacked drive, and often kind of "hopped" along in the team, or chased leafs and other stuff along the trail. But I saw her speed and acceleration, when she wanted. She reminded me so much of her grandma Babeli, who is one of our top notch performing dogs of all times, and her grandpa Buck, my super-dog. And I am really glad I knew it´s in this girl as well. Today she proved it to me.

And mabye, our two wonderful leaders Brandy and Blacky, who left us so sadly yesterday, sent her a blessing from the Rainbow Bridge, and will watch over her, guiding her steps, as she´s entering the lead dog university.

Stay tuned for more of Ginger´s adventures on the trail, as a leader in training, during this season!

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