Thursday, July 16, 2009

In the Rhubarb Jungle

"When we were small, christmas trees were tall, la la la la...."
I am sure everybody knows this famous song, which I love in the interpretation of Sarah Brightman. It ran through my head, when I started sorting out pictures, taken today of the little monsters, as they played in (and with) the rhubarb.

I just love the natural composition of the huge leafs and the mini-huskies. At one point I went to get something in the house and when I returned I found just two puppies and others disapeared without a sound or motion. Of course, soon enough I found them hidden quietly in the rhubarb jungle, just like little dwarfs! :)

These moments, my friends, are the precious ones, that will stay in the memories forever and fill the heart with joy and love.

And I look forward to the moment, when, once I will tend to one of my trusted leaders in a snow storm, seaking help and the memory of him or her, hidden under the huge rhubarb leaf, so fragile and tiny, will pop up :)



bea's blog said...

Too cute ♥ how big they are suddenly ♥ enjoy those precious moments ♥
Beatrice and Gizmo

Katerina said...

Thank you Bea!

I had a look at Gizmo´s blog - what a sweet and big boy! Good luck with him :)

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