Friday, June 19, 2009

Live your life and be Happy

We love those summer mornings, when there is no rush, and enjoy a good breakfast outside, listen to the birds and plan the day.
Today, a hot cup of coffee and a jacket made it cosy enough to believe summer is here and we can have breakfast outdoors :)

That reminds me of why did we change our lives around. To enjoy the moments, to live - HERE and NOW. To not refuse pleasures, just because there´s no time, because there´s something else to do. To not leave things for later, because there might not be an ocasion anymore. To reprioritize. It is solely upon ourselves, what we call a priority and if we find the time for this or that. We slowly learn to avoid any "musts", prioritites and expectations of others, because that´s "how it should be", in their eyes. Just do what you love and never mind! Life is too short to not enjoy it.

I feel blessed to live in the woods, with a loving partner and my beloved, loyal dogs, to be quite self-sufficient and to live the simple life and know the reality. I feel proud to be able to keep warm by making my own fire, chopping my own firewood, planting my own veggetables, making my own trails, baking my own bread.

I am not sure what led me to these thoughts today, but I feel the happiness of simple life today somehow more, and wanted to share these thoughts with you, who read our blog.


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Priti said...


This is the first time i have read your journal. Your "general thought" just got to me. Reading it i could just feel as if i was there... and it felt wonderfully fresh than the life i n living now.. not that i do not like it..its nice. Nyways.. just wanted to let u know.. what u already know.. that u are living a wonderful life.. i envy it.

take care.

priti (india)