Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Yankees Are Here!

After months and weeks of arranging, schedulling, rearanging, reschedulling, booking, cancelling, rebooking, tons of paperwork, hours spent on the phone and many sleepless nights, THEY finally arrived!!!
We proudly introduce the new aditions to our team and kennel:
Kelim´s RAPID FIRE of Carmacks
North Wapiti´s MAGNETO
and here they finally are, after 4 hours of paperwork -
just fill out the last papers and we can get them out of the crates

Magneto jumps right away into the trunk :)
Walk in a park along the highway, on the way from the airport:

Three happy campers :)
Rapid getting cozy at bed time
and so is Magneto
More information about them will come once we are settled back home, after our return. Stay tuned! :)
Thank you Kathy for trusting us with these great dogs!
A special thank you to Lufthansa - this airline knows what they are doing and are pros in animal shipping. We definitely recommend them!


Anna said...

Oh, You got new friends to your kennel! They look really nice!
I will update my blog tonight and put out some picture of Duni, I can feel the puppies (or puppy) moving! Have a nice evening!

Kerstin said...

Hi, congratulations to you´r new dog´s, they look great!

Elodie said...

Congratulation for your new purchase and good lucky for the futur team .