Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spring in full swing

The real, full spring arrived finally in the North! The nights are light and the sun sets around 10:30 pm. All the spring flowers are in full bloom and the trees wear their new, fresh green tiny leafs proudly.

We didn´t miss a thing, while travelling south to Czech Republic for two weeks. Instead, we had seen the spring in south of Sweden, start of summer in central Europe, and the start of the gorgeous rebirth of nature here up north. Botanically a very cool experience! :)

While we are (and will be) overloaded with miscelaneous work projects until about mid-summer, we haven´t had the chance to train the dogs since we came back home. It is a pitty in some ways - the early morning temperatures are ideal (between +2 and 5°C) and the dogs are starting to show signs of boredom (a bit of chewing here and there and lotsa digging!). I am sure we will manage to squeeze in some runs before the summer is here. You never know in the North. We can have little frosts even in the beginning of July.

For now, let´s enjoy some of the northern spring flora:

and a little bit of fauna..

Blooming blueberries
(are we gonna have good crops this year?)

and some forrest wild strawberries

and my favourite violets

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