Friday, March 13, 2009

Finnmarkslopet 2009: Part 14 - Mikael and Team on their way to Alta!

Hi all,
just got a message from Paula:

"All is going great. I am driving to Alta now, expecting Mikael to arrive sometime around 18:00. We are exhausted and dirty, but very happy!"

Mikael continues with 9 dogs towards Jotka and Alta! The stretch between Karasjok and Alta, awaiting them, is 138km long.

Will be back with more info during the day. In the meantime, you can follow the teams that are on their way to the finish line, and also those behind, on the official result list, which is being updtated every few minutes, on this link:

Unfortunately, Swedish fellow musher Kenneth Gjemmestad scratched last night in Karasjok. He had 10 dogs on his team then. There is only one musher, representing Sweden, left in the race - German Torsten Kohnert, who is now resting in Karasjok.

Update at 12:40 (Friday, March 13) - Kenneth got CO intoxicated while sleeping during his 8 hour mandatory rest in the last checkpoint Karasjok. He is in hospital and should be fine in couple days. What a sad end to the race, but sure very happy ending otherwise! Speedy recovery, Kenneth!

Good luck to all the remaining teams on the trail and wishing Mikael and the 9 athletes a fast and speedy ride to the finish line!


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