Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finnmarkslopet 2009: Part 8 - Good Morning from Levajok

Enjoy the latest pictures and results!

Just talked with Mikael as he masaged the dogs. Trail is puite tough, windblown and stones sticking out. Kayla is out due to sore shoulder.

Result list - part 2, as of 7:30 am

Result list part 1 - as of 7:30 am

Mikael massaging his dogs. They are already fed and snuggled in their woolen blankets.

An 8-dog class (500km) team arriving Levajok checkpoint. This is the last checkpoint, where both races (the 500km and the 1000km) are together. From now on the FL1000 will lead to Tana, while the FL500 goes to Karasjok.

Mikael´s sled

Volunteers, race officials, handlers, fans and other race followers enjoy the bonfire and sitting on raindeer skins, on the high banks of Tana river.

More later!
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Anonymous said...

Hello up there!
Duni is soon ready to meet Canuck! :-)
Good luck with the race!