Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finnmarkslopet 2009: Part 2 - Drop Bags and Vet Checks

greetings from Alta!

Wednesday was a busy day. We arrived here at 4:00 am, and by 9:00 we were back on our feet, taking care of dogs, going for last minute shopping, checking for news at the race headquarters, catching up with mushing buddies, and MAINLY working on drop bags, that needed to be handed in today between 9 and 12.

Mikael and I worked on the food and snack drops till 1:00 and by then I learned all the checkpoints and distances between them. By now, you can pretty much ask me what type and how much of each snacks are shipped for Mikael`s team to which checkpoint :)

Paula made these awsome orange drop bags, which are very practical and even a super tired musher will recognize them easily when arriving to checkpoints.

Mikael has about 150kg of meat packed and distributed along the 10 checkpoints, and on the menu you can find salmon, beef, pork, chicken fat and special sausages. I wouldn`t mind being a dog on his team :)

The dogs were very happy today, had quite a spark in the eye and look ready to go!

Here are some pics and comments from the food drop:

Mikael`s drop bags, before we finished adding snacks.

Canyon Huskies is Roger Dahl`s kennel. Roger won Finnmarkslopet many times and helped developing race rules and trails. You can order supplies and meat from him, while in Alta.

Drop bags being placed on trucks, sorted by checkpoints.

Mikael - done with the last bag, directed to Karasjok.

Elisabeth Edland preparing her shiny bags.

Pre race vet check

One of the cool dog trucks

Weighing of mandatory reserve dog food at the race office

The food drop and vet. office area.

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