Monday, February 23, 2009

Chilli and Ginger Celebrate Today

It´s a big day today for Chilli (SWEET CHILLI Kipp d´Amundsen) and Ginger (GINGER SNAP Kipp d´Amundsen). Not that they care so much about the fact that they have birthday today. But the BIG thing is, that they officially got rid of their yearling status! And that is a reason to celebrate - they´ll get to go running with the "big guys" more and more from now on.

While Chilli was a super athletic boy from the very beginning (since we harness broke these two siblings, at 7 months), Ginger took a bit longer time to mature. She was very puppyish in her little cute head and sometimes ran like the wind, while on other ocassions had no focus at all.
As usual, we did not judge her at all and gave her the time. This past fall season, she was very tough working on the ATV and during winter turned into more and more solid worker. Gigi (as we often nickname her) is quite fast and I really look forward to seeing her towards the front of the team in the near future.

Due to his talents and great working atitude, Chilli got to go on some longer runs with the main team already, but as we trained for Femundlopet, he had to be cut out from the mainstring again. Anyhow, he is the only yearling we hooked up so far, that made it that far so early in his career. I am thrilled to have this awsome boy on my team next year!

So, Happy Birthday guys, and congratulations on the big step in your career!


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