Thursday, August 16, 2007


Hi all,
I´m back with Sunday report :)

I took four pupps - Krtek and Snowy (9 months) and Chilli with Ginger (5,5 months) for a 3km walk in the forrest. It was really nice to see these youngsters chasing each other in full speed, and I was thrilled to see their smooth, fast movements. Can´t wait till we will run these kids first time in harness.

Although it was a sleepy, rainy and humid, warm day all day, Jachym and I took our yearlings Goosak and Star for a hike to our local highest point - The VEDJEÖBERGET. It was a fair 6km hike, out of which one thrid was a decent climb up the steep trail that leads to the view point. Despite the weather, both of the dogs worked hard all the way, and especially Star was breathtaking to watch, as she has so much drive and mental toughness, it brings chills to me. I think she is one of the most promissing youngsters we have.
Jachym did a good job eventhough he had a starting flu and I felt good, felt my muscles are trained, just had problems to breath smoothly all the way up. But definitly felt improvement and didn´t feel tired at all.

Unfortunattley, we don´t have any pictures as we forgot our camera, so Jachym took a quick one upon our arrival home. We have promised to each other to take one more walk up there when the forrests will start turning yellow, orange and red and then we won´t forget to take pics!


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