Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I was born in Prague, Czech Republic. When I was six I wanted to be a veterinarian, while other girls wanted to be flight attendants.

I spent a year in Canada, making lots of great friends, and falling in love deeper with mushing and the Nordic Country.
Visited the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race start in Anchorage in March 1993 and set my goal to run and finish this race at least once in my life with a team of my beloved purebred siberian huskies.
To follow my dreams of breeding my dogs and competing in long distance races, I based a company in 1996 (21 years old then) to support my journey financially. The company grew and established well, but took a great toll - lack of time for my dogs and work out and mainly great psychical exhaustion led into gaining 50kg overweight, experiencing a nerveous breakdown and rolling down with my overall health. I stopped racing and breeding my dogs.
By then I knew I took a wrong path and started working towards my "back to nature - back to myself" motto and lifestyle. Went to natural healer, started using herbal teas, attended 2 Reiki degrees and one of Shia-tsu and Reflex teraphy. In 2002 I met my partner and great supporter Jachym, whom I took to Alaska in 2003 to show him what my heart misses and desires. He fell in love with the North and after hard work for now "our" goal, we settled in northern part of Sweden in fall of 2005. We rearranged our company to a much less profitable degree, but less stressful and with more fun and joyful work - to provide nutritional consulting and offering only natural, holistic products for animals and people. This way we feel to be more helpful too!

The pursuit of the dream now began...

And here I am, aiming for losing those 50kg (110 lbs.) and getting gradulally into top physical shape again, in order to feel good, to be healthy, and to be able to help my team in the tough parts of the challenging long distnce trails.

I created this blog as my online diary, where I can write and share my thoughts, my challenges and fight and all the ups and downs waiting ahead of this journey.
I feel it will help me to look over my shoulder when I´m down, to see what I have already acomplished and through sharing my thoughts, successes and fallbacks with it´s readers, I will stay highly motivated and focussed.

Your interactive comments to my blog entries will keep me inspired and motivated too, so please, feel free to comment on any of my entries! Your comments will be more than welcomed! :)

Thanks for letting me to share!

Happy Trails



Anonymous said...

hi Sweetheart
Mom and I wish you ALL the best and know u will succeed. it is so nice to hear from u again we have missed u very much. there is another thing we hope you will find later in your life along with the path you have chosen. He will help you and pick u up again if you put your faith in him. i think u know who i mean .All the best hon and hugz for Jo. sounds like a real nice guy. Sure hope we get to meet him

Christian Hollingsworth said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for inviting me to watch your progress Katerina! I am really excited!

One suggestion for staying in shape, just eat healthy and keep working out! Not weight lifting, but work on your cardio a lot. This will help lose the pounds much more efficiently.

Also, when working out really hard, just know that you are burning around 10-15 calories per minute. There are about 3,200 calories in a pound of fat.

The reason I am telling you this, is that if you are working out hard for a full hour, you are burning around 800 calories. SOO don't waste this hour of workout by eating something with a TON of calories. If you were to eat a creasant or donut, waste an hour of your workout.

So like you said, eating sweats once a week is okay, but don't eat a TON of sweets.

I wish you good luck, and feel free to email me personally. My dad is a human health king! He just went on a program and lost 40 lbs in just a couple of weeks! LOL

Cheerful Trails,


Katerina said...

Thanks for the cool info about the calories, and for the cheer up! :)

I´ve got a book from Nancy Clark "sports Nutrition". Read it a while ago and it worked immediattley, when I tried it out, so I have to whipe the dust from it and start reading through it again. Thanks for reminding me!

And I think I will email you privately, your dad´s success sounds really cool! :)