Saturday, June 9, 2007


If I keep on taking my hiking excercise an hour later each day, soon I will be greeted by passing cars of people going back from night shifts :)

Today was such a gorgeous day, really the one I picture perfect summer like. We had lots of fun with the dogs in the yard this morning, while they were having "maintenance day" consisting of nail clipping, brushing out old coats, having fresh water added to their buckets, etc. We spent several hours with them and after lunch we headed for a wonderful hiking trip in the woods. Tomorrow I will post a full entry about the trip, including lots of pictures :)

But back to my midnight hike, now. It was too late to take a dog with me, so my company for the lonely hike in sleepy surroundings of Vedjeön (except for the owls that were just starting their hunt), was today my MP3 player with my absolutly most favourite soundtrack from Tomb Raider I. - Lara Croft. I always find the compositions on it highly motivating and like to listen to it on long, lonely training runs with the team, when excercising, and sometimes even before I go to bed, if I need some kind of break from the day´s experiences.

Although I was physically very tired today, after the long hiking trip, I am glad I once again hit the road for my now daily excercise. I felt quite tired at the end and am really glad to see my cozy bed soon :)

Couple notices: I get really tired physically in the evenings, since I started working out. Yesterday was some kind of a small crisis, I think, but today I was "fit for fight" again. I believe I recover quite fast due to well composed diet. Not too light, and whole - to address all the demands of my now again very active body :)

I have no picture of myself on the road this time either, so I will share at least this one, featuring me with our newest furry family member Balto.

Tomorrow morning - Reflections from the trip and pictures!



Greg said...

Oh what a beauty this one :) I hope he´s as good as he looks ;) Well give him a hug from me...

Katerina said...

Hi Greg,
thanks for compliments :) I wll tell him :)

well, it´s been to hot lately to try Balto in team with our dogs, but the reason we bought him is that he is good :)
He is an open field leader and he finished Femundlopet 400 this past February :o) We are very proud to have him and I´m sure you´ll hear more about him in the future :o)

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there Katerina! I hope it is only the exercise that has made you tired and not updating us on your progress!? Remember that most of those on a diet eat too little!!
Balto sure is photogenic by the way!!

Anonymous said...

hey sweetheart
looking good glad you are enjoying yourself
Love you Mom and Dad
from canada