Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The second week is closing on soon, and I feel GOOD!
I haven´t written for a while, and there are a few explantions, so don´t worry, nothing dramatic happened and I didn´t quit with my training program in the meantime! :)

Overwhlemed by work since Thursday, and over the whole weekend, it was topped by finding out Sunday morning that my dear cyberntic friend (my computere) broke down on me. The source burned out and there is no way to save it. So glad I have a computer specialist for a partner, so I will not lose any data from the PC (otherwise I would feel like jumping from a very high bridge). Did I not mention that I need computer for my daily work? :)
Well, yesterday Jachym finally fixed up all the necessary stuff around using my old laptop and when I was just beginning to finally do my correspondence, the power shut off, until 5:00pm! Not kidding! The electritians from our area went for their rutine powerline check up with helicopter last morning and shortly after take off, they had an acident and fell into the powerline. It was shut in the whole county and the whole town of Stromsund had a black out. Apparently, both guys from the crew are ok, after a check up in hospital. Pretty lucky, I would say!

Anyway, back to my workouts, etc. That´s why we are here, right?!
I had a regular walk on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and today again (more about today in a separate entry). How come I have abandoned my daily walks? Honestly.
Thursday I was totally dead, after comming home very late from the town, where we had a lot to do, and bringing two little furry monsters as new family members - nope, not dogs this time, but little kittens :) Cute as can be, but total monsters! (how else in this household).
Saturday I worked out on Total Gym (mainly arm workout, leg workout and push ups) and find myself too tired (or mabye a little bit lazy?) to go for a walk, while I had so much work (business) to do. Yesterday, I had a crisis in terms of totally terrible pain in my left shoulder and arm. It was unbarable, I had Jachym massage it several times durinig the day, and we both worked on my back, shoulders and the right arm with some shia-tsu and acupressure, which brought relief but only temporary. I could´ve gone for the walk, though, not that I couldn´t.

Why is this entry called "feeling good"? - As I feel good in many ways. One of the most noticable things is the absence of "I´d love to have a piece of something sweet", as well as not feeling hungry at all, since the beginning of my workout program. I also feel "light", as if my body cleaned up somehow by the better nutrition, more fruits, less carbs and mainly not eating so late. I have forgotten to drink a bit though, so I have to start working on more liquids intake.
I haven´t had a headake for a looong time and generally, my quite common back pains are almost gone.
To round up this second week of work out, I would also like to mention, that I feel a lot less tired then the first week, after wallks, etc. eventhough I have now incorporated the excercising with "Chuck" and "Da Bike". It´s just the same old story (problem) with the time. I have repreioritize a lot of things in the past two weeks, but still need to find much better ways how to organise my day.

More in the next entry!


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