Monday, July 21, 2014

How To Stop Bleeding From Dog Nail Trimming Naturally

I am pretty sure that everyone who has a dog and trims his or her nails has been in this situation before - clip too far and the nail starts to bleed. Right?

There is really no need to panic or feel terrible, because this can happen even to a seasoned trimmer.

Sharing our life with a large dog pack, Jachym and I, regardless of how careful we are, end up clipping some of the nails too far occasionally. We hate it when that happens and do all we can to make the nail clipping sessions as pleasant experience as possible for our dogs.

But when it happens, we have to deal with it and throughout the years I´ve tried and tested many ways to stop the bleeding and disinfect it, until I came to the most effective, safe, non-toxic, painless solution. No spraying that freaks the dogs out, no toxic aluminum based wound disinfection that stops bleeding, nor alcohol based solutions that cause pain (burning and stinging).

As I have done with many health care methods for my dogs and ourselves in the past, I looked for solutions in the Nature and of course found them.

Application of REIKI healing stops the bleeding almost immediately and promotes faster healing, but not everyone practices REIKI. But don´t worry. There is yet another great aid. 

I am a firm believer of, and have been convinced of that fact many times, that "there is a plant for everything". And the hero that you can easily reach out for is most likely growing right in your lawn.

Let me introduce GREATER PLANTAIN (Plantago major):

Greater Plantain (the entire plant) has some strong healing and other medicinal properties and among them is also the ability to stop bleeding. The wide, large leaves are used for that.
It is a common herb, called "weed" by many, growing pretty much in every garden.

If you decide to use plantain for your dogs or your self, always make sure that it does not come from a lawn treated with herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. Also don´t pick it alongside roads and heavy traffic areas because of the toxic waste that the plant absorbs.


Take a fresh, clean plantain leaf and carefully wrap the nail in it.

Make sure the leaf is really touching the wound, without applying too much pressure with your fingers.

Hold it on place for a few minutes or for as long as necessary.

Voala, the wound stopped bleeding. Although you can see blood on the paw, when you compare this picture with the first one of these four, you will see the difference. On this last picture, the nail is not bleeding anymore and the blood around is dryer.

In case you have accidentally cut your dog´s nail too far while trimming, and the bleeding is very excessive and unsuccessful to stop, do not panic, put a plantain leaf on the wound, wrap the paw in a clean compress, apply a bit of pressure and take your dog to the vet, grooming service or other pet professional near you, who will be able to help you right away.

If you are not experienced with nail trimming and feel nervous about it, it may be better to start by learning from a professional, before you start trimming your dog´s nails by yourself. There is really no big science to it.

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om.2gce said...

Plantain is amazing. Never used it to stop bleeding before. Like!