Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Best Gal

Just a playful afternoon with my best gal Tazlina and her puppies. 

This dog is one of the most amazing beings I have ever met. She is an example of what zest for life, toughness, intelligence, loyalty and passion look like. She is a true inspiration. And most importantly to me, she is one of my best friends.

I am forever thankful to my friend, Tazlina´s breeder Karen Ramstead for convincing me few years ago, that the challenging, "mini evil" version of her mom, young diva is a great choice and match. I could not imagine my race team, or any of our tough runs through unbroken trail, blizzards, storms and whiteouts, or the training of young leaders, without this gal.
Taz has blessed us with two litters and if her youngest five babies turn out to be only a fracture of what their mom and their half siblings Krtek and Snowy are, then the future looks very bright! :)
Today I am grateful for having "Super-Taz" in my life.

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