Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Today I am sharing a few random pictures from around our household.

I believe that it´s all those little things that make a place HOME.

Don´t you agree?

Ok, first of all, cat is not a thing!

Mio would really like to make that point clear! :)

But wouldn´t you agree that a cat belongs to every country home? :)

The bird feeder on the front lawn is occupied by fireweed. It won´t be long before the pink blossoms add a beautiful touch to the garden.

It´s been a while since we´ve had a real live squirrel visit our place. I am suspicious the cats are a reason for that. Luckily, we have this fella, that "occupies" the mighty larch tree and helps "guard" our house. Many visitors actually mistaken him for a real squirrel.

The more I get to think of it, I realize that we have names for many different "things" and this poor guy hasn´t gotten his yet. And he´s been protecting our home for good eight years. 
Any suggestions?

The larch is usually the last tree on our property to "sprout out". I love the fresh green color in the spring.

Another bird feeder. This one by my kitchen window.

Blooming flowers are starting to pop up around, on many different spots. These strive every year in a shady corner under the kitchen window.

This is my most favorite bird feeder. I got it from my Mom as a birthday gift few years ago. It always makes me smile.

This year I am really late with planting flowers. These pensies are among the very first ones I finally did plant.

But one thing we finally did was removing the old, cricked, and - let´s face it - ugly flower pots by the front door and replacing them with these new, stylish, hanging ones.
I like the look of the front entrance so much better now!

Ok, I took even some pictures of the interior. This is my favorite rack we made last summer. It holds a special place in my heart as the log was drifted from the lake after the winter and my beloved Granite (R.I.P.) found and brought it to me on one of our precious walks.

And this picture, that is my pride. My dream came finally true! Or at least part of it - we finally started the process of replacing the old, ugly, white, scratched, did I say ugly? doors around the house with these stylish and so much more fitting into our rustic home. 
We got the first two and Jachym installed them today in the kitchen. Three more to go for the rest of the interior. How do you like them?

And since we had such a productive day today (I even made a home made soft cheese - stay tuned for the recipe!), I thought it would be nice to celebrate with a nice pie. 
This one is Upside Down Pear And Apple Pie with muscovado sugar and honey and it is DELISH!
I will share the recipe in one of my upcoming posts.

And that´s it for today, folks!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and little peak into our home.

Have a great, blessed day, everyone!

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