Thursday, August 8, 2013

In Our Neighborhood

Finally I got to taking a look at the pictures we took during a hiking trip from last weekend.

The area is, in fact, our "neighborhood" - just around an hour drive northwest from our house, close to the borders with Norway.

We took so many pictures (again!) that I decided to split them in two different posts from the trip: The Sweden part and the Norway part :)
Enjoy wild Sweden:

While we have nearly a water front property (the lake is only 400m from the house and is visible from few spots), what I totally miss is a mountain view. I mean a real, snowy peaks in summer and all kind of view. Like this one.

This place was very wild and very charming. Two large lakes in the highlands, of course in the middle of nowhere :)

For those of you familiar with the area, you might recognize this one

It is Fogelberget, taken from the other, wild side, not from the road to Gäddede.

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