Friday, August 9, 2013

Comet's Summer Condo

Comet just got in heat. It isn´t anything extraordinary, but this summer twelve of our girls got in heat at pretty much the same time so one day we ran out of kennels to put them in.

So the temporary kennels we have on the meadow became very handy.

And since they had no tenants for the entire spring and summer, they got grown over inside and are full of blooming fireweed, bumblebees are buzzing around and the grass and wild flowers provide not only shade, but also a great mini jungle for the dogs to hide in.

At first Comet wasn´t sure about her new place. Being alone there, not seeing directly the other dogs was a big change.

But as you see, she is looking forward to something...

And here it comes. It´s the trophy from Mouse´s successful theft the other day. We kinda borrowed it from her....

"Thanks, Dad!"
And the rest is history, as they say. The bone kept her busy the whole day yesterday.

Today, as I walked by while collecting herbs and berries on the meadow, the bone was gone. Completely. And Comet looked really tired. She slowly got out of her house, walked through her fireweed garden, said hello and disappeared back behind the "jungle". 

A moment later I heard her digging in the straw and found her curled up and snoring like a log.

She definitely approves her new summer condo.

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