Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Inspiring High School Friend - And Osteotherapy and Cranio Sacral Therpay For Animals

When I used to hang out with my high school friends in Canada, one of my close friends Jackie introduced me to her family and took me horse back riding. Since then I often visited the Keams and their horses on weekends and occasionally after school.

Jackie´s younger sister Vickie was all about horses, saddlery, all the good ole country and western stuff, she did great bead work and her passion was very visible then.
I was so happy, when, throughout the years I heard of Vickie´s career of a saddle maker and then later on, opening her own business. I always love it, when people I know follow their dreams and work in alliance with their life purpose. It is so inspiring.

But Vickie inspires me in one more thing. She never stopped learning. And as a result of that, she is today a certified equine therapist, helping many horses to regain their balance, vitality, and a spark in the eye.

She is a talented and passionate horse lady and therapist. It was Vickie, who helped me over skype sessions with healing of my beloved Buckie, using cranio-sacral therapy. I was amazed at this technique and Vickie´s knowledge. Although she doesn´t specialize in dogs, we were able to relief some of Bucky´s issues and I learned a lot during those video call sessions. 

Just recently, Vickie launched her business´s brand new website and I highly recommend her services.
If you have a chance to visit her with your horse or need some consulting, please make sure to stop by and visit her website, or give her a call. Her cheerful, friendly approach will brighten your day!

Great job, Vickie! Wishing you loads of happy customers and loads of healthy horses! 

Keep rockin´, girl!

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