Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Few Great Gardening Ideas

As the season of snow and ice slowly comes to an end, I often find myself turning my mind towards another favorite season of mine - gardening!

Gardening is something that we started to take more seriously in the past couple years as we proceed on our journey to self sufficiency and natural health.

So when I came across this article with interesting tips for 10 natural fertilizers that I easily counted to be mostly available around our household, I thought to share them here with you as well.

I think that some of these tips are great - we´ve used used coffee and also see weed (particularly kelp) in the past as an organic fertilizer with great results.

We are also making our own compost, where egg shells, banana peals and other fruit and vegetable peals, but also used tea bags go, including grass cuttings. We cannot wait to finally use that compost this spring as we plan to increase the vegetable beds and enlarge the potato mini-field.

That brings me to couple new things we will be trying this year and I want to share pictures of these planned "projects" with you for inspiration:

1. Due to lack of time for weeding and simply because we love pallet projects and have a limited space on our mini veggie garden, here is project nr.1 we will definitely do:

2. Last year I was fascinated to find this ecological and perfect recycling idea for planting seeds and getting them organically fertilized as the tiny plants grow from them. So this is on my gardening check list for this spring as well.

3. We´ve had some trouble with keeping tomato and cucumber plants properly watered and their soil humid in the green house, as they were in pots, so we decided we need to create beds within the greenhouse with more soil that would be easier to keep humid. This pallet idea for raised beds will definitely come in handy.

4. And last, but not least, my latest find:

I totally love this practical and decorative idea for keeping my kitchen herbs! And my mom just told me she had one of these old wagon wheels at home and will give it to me! Isn´t that awesome?!

Aaah, just writing about all this makes me long for spring and summer! :)

And what are your gardening plans for this year? Any new goals? Will you try growing new vegetables or herbs? Please do share, I love hearing from you.

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Jeremy Beauregard said...

The wagon wheel looks very interesting and I would want to try putting that in my garden as a centerpiece of sorts, but I'm not entirely sure where I'd be able to find one. Anyway, I also wanted to ask what the planters are in the first idea. Are those old crates? Thanks, Katerina!