Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Perfect Valentine´s Day Gift To Dog Lovers

While my DIY oriented mind has been thinking what Valentine´s Day presents you could make for your loved ones, I came up with a gift idea for your four-legged darlings.

In my native language they say that loves goes through the stomach, and your dog will most of all the great gifts appreciate something delicious to eat, so I decided to post and share with you one of the recipes from my new e-book Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way - Recipes, Remedies and Health Tips from Katerina´s Canine Kitchen.

And that´s not all! I have also decided to give all of you animal lovers a special Valentine´s Day discount of 25% when you purchase my book until tomorrow - February 14, midnight CET.
You can read more info about Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way and order it here.

The book is here for all of you who care about your pet´s health and longevity, to all of you who seek simple ways of improving your pet´s diet and general health, and also to all of you who wish to try out some new, tasty and healthy recipes and learn how to prepare complete, balanced, natural and healthy pet food at home - simply, time effectively and inexpensively.

Ground Meat with Brown Rice, Spinach and Flax Seed 

200g (9 oz.) raw ground whole chicken 
(with bones)
1/2 cup cooked brown rice
5 tbs spinach or a handful of spinach leaves
1 tsp ground (crushed) flax seed
1 tsp kelp and sea corrals mix
1/4 tsp psyllium husk

- cook rice till very soft
- put spinach in a bowl, pour over boiling water
- add meat and the rest of ingredients
- mix all thoroughly together

Note: raw meat with bones is very healthy and important, feed it at least three times a week.

Do you like this recipe? Wanna learn more about the importance of feeding raw meat and other healthy, natural ingredients? You can find all this information in Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way e-book. Take advantage of the 25% Valentine´s Day discount and get the book for only $7.50 (47SEK or 5.60EUR). You can order your copy here.

Happy Valentine´s Day to you all from not only Krtek (above), but all of us at Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels and Team!


ainnirbard said...


I had heard that spinach is bad for dogs. What has your experience been?


Katerina said...

Thanks for your comment and question. I think the best answer is here:
Spinich would have to be given in fairly large amounts to be toxic. It is actually a great source of antioxidants and iron, as well as some fibre.
My experience with using spinach for my dogs is good. I have used it for quite some years among other vegetables, in the nutrition for all our house dogs. One of them is 14,5 years old right now :)

Hope this helps.
Have a great day and Happy Trails!