Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Mush Girls Aka Sled Dog Babes

Star and Sherwood´s babies are already three weeks old, would you believe that?!

Usually, we play around with puppy names and litter themes in advance, or right after they are born. With this litter, well, things were quite different.
First we were not sure how many will be alive after the complicated c-section (more on that in a separate post). 

Then many things went far from smooth, with a struggle to keep them fed due to many complications that followed their birth, including Star´s loss of milk. We took things day by day as nothing was sure.

But eventually, we all reached the day when everything started to work out and look bright and I could dare start thinking of names for the six little miracles.
Super hero names came in mind first, but truth to be told, I am not a big comics fan and besides, there are a lot of Flashs and Wonders running around already :)

When Jachym came home last week, we went for a short relaxing hour to a Jazz club in the city and suddenly he pulled out Libby. And Susan. And Dee Dee. And it immediately hit us that there is no more suitable and perfect litter theme for these six brave little husky girls, than honoring some of the brave, incredible women who excel in the world´s toughest long distance sled dog races, known for their toughness and also excellent sled dog care, some of whom I am honored to call my friends.

So let us introduce without a further due the Mush Girls, aka Sled Dog Babes! Meet:

Aliy and Jodi

Dee Dee and Libby

Susan and Sigrid

May they grow into beautiful, tough and brave sled dogs, just like their namesakes are as dog mushers.


Matt S said...

Libby is clearly a polar bear. I would be careful when she gets bigger. Aliy and Jodie look like bite your face off kind of girls, so they are probably half polar bear.

And they are all so cute.

Linnéa said...

Little Libby will probably be the most good looking polardog i've ever seen - minipolarbear ;)