Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way E-Book!

I am excited to present Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way - Recipes, Remedies and Health Tips from Katerina's Canine Kitchen!

It is a 33 page e-book I just completed. You can read more information, view full contents and sample recipes, and order it at

The book is in English and is available for easy download in a PDF format. We are working on getting it into other formats as well, and there will be a Czech language version available soon too!

Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way is written with the goal of helping improve the health and longevity of your beloved canine and feline friends, and includes not only nutritional facts and information, but mainly feeding guidelines, principles, ingredient importance explanations and nutritional and health tips based on my 20+ years of experience with animal nutrition and health care.

The listed recipes, remedies and cures were developed while finding ways how to heal, generally improve health and longevity and overall wellness of my beloved dogs, over the years. They are fed and used daily in our feeding and health care program to all our dogs of different life stages and activity levels.

I have dedicated my life to finding effective answers for many nutritional and health issues in the nature, and many of my friends and customers over the years have asked for tips, recipes, solutions, ideas and help with the nutrition and health care of their dogs. This all led me to writing Feeding Your Pets The Natural Way.

I hope you will find the book useful, practical and easy to understand. 

Wishing you and your animals all the best of health and happiness!

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