Sunday, February 17, 2013

Team House Dogs Trail Report

Team House Dogs trail report: 

Weather is awesome, snow is cool and soft and at some parts pretty deep. The hiking trails are perfect for us dogs.

The two legged members of the team keep slowing us down as they struggle on the narrow path.

Mouse is lazy, walks only in other dogs´s tracks. The border collie is crazy and cheeky and too fast to take pictures of and the shepherd too busy sticking to her human mom.

We would like to also report that we are the only two real sled dogs in this team, keep pulling our musher even though there is no sled and not even harnesses.

Here is what our musher, while struggling to keep in vertical position, managed to do. Some photos.

Ok, give us a treat and let´s keep movin!

Stop filming and come on already!

It was a nice walk in the winter wonderland. 

Here is a little video too:

We also heard that within a few weeks we´ll have a new responsibility - teaching mini huskies the husky ways and help keep an eye on them on walks in the woods.

Team House Dogs report over.

Krtek and Granite

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