Thursday, February 21, 2013

Amundsen Race 2013

The Amundsen Race 300 (200 miles) starts this Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 11:00 AM in our home town of Stromsund, Sweden!

Unfortunately, we had to withdraw from this race we´ve been looking forward to the whole year, and training hard for the entire fall and part of winter season. It literally runs over our training trails and would have been fun to see the dogs race on their home ground. 

But I couldn´t stay away from the race, with teams crossing close by our house and kennel, so I decided to volunteer and give a hand with various task during the entire race. It is a nice way to give back to the mushing community when I have a chance and time. It isn´t very often that I could spare time in the middle of training and racing season. So it´s a payback time now :)

Amundsen 300 2013 - Complete trail map

I am also excited to meet friends and fellow mushers from my mushing club - the Jamtlands Fjallens Sled Hund Klubb, which is also the organizer of the Amundsen Race. But also friends from other parts of the country and world, including my two favorite sled dog veterinarians and awesome guys - Sergio Maffi, who just returned from the Yukon Quest 1000 mile race between Canada and Alaska, and Jerry Vanek, a true specialist in the canine athletes. 

Ziggi an Magpie looking at Sergio as he is checking my team
upon our arrival to a checkpoint during Polardistans 2011.

With Jerry and Asa at the Kiruna Sled Dog Symposium 2011

And because we are not racing, but will be at the race, I will also try to bring you the best possible reports, photos and news from the trail, checkpoints and backstage to at least share some sled dog action and excitement with all of you, who follow our team and our journey towards our dreams.

Visit Amundsen Race official website at for updates and information about the trail, mushers, program, etc.

Follow the race on Facebook, where lots of updates in English are bringing you to all the hapenings.
Support this great event, by liking the official Facebook page! Let´s see if we can bring the fan club to 1000 likes by the end of the race!

If you are from the area, make some time to give the teams a shout out and wish them good luck as they set for the 320km journey through the Northland! See you Saturday at Stromsund´s Bygdegard.

I´ll try to have a post here from tomorrow´s vet checks during the day/evening. Make sure to check back for the updates.

Happy Trails!

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