Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Christmas Inspirations

I love Christmas. Have I ever mentioned it here before? I guess you have assumed it from my previous post about my different Christmas tree evolution stages, or from my sense for nostalgia, traditions and decorative spirit :) Or whatever else might have given you the hint.

Although I am a dog musher, which makes me a super busy person just about this time of the year the most, I never miss out on decorating around the house and kennel, lighting scented candles all over the place, making ice candles outside, bringing dozens of spruce branches from the woods to put in vases, and planning Christmas gifts and making lists of friends and family to not forget to send cards to.

No, I did not forget the baking of cookies, but I am a very fortunate woman and have a wonderful partner, who is a better baker than me AND even more importantly, who enjoys baking! So that is mostly his specialty. I am the decoration maniac. That is my field.
But for years I´ve been dreaming of actually making Christmas presents for my loved ones by myself, the recently more and more popular and blooming way called DIY (Do It Youself). I´ve always been dreaming about getting presents like that, the idea of someone actually thinking what would bring me joy and then spending the time and energy on crafting it is just splendid, thoughtful and simply amazing.

But, mostly because I am a dog musher, very busy this time of the year, as I have pointed out above, I never could bring myself to finding the time to make the DIY Christmas presents for my loved ones. So I just kept drooling at pictures of amazing gifts people come up with until one day, or year, for that matter, I said to myself that´s it. And that year is this year.
This year I am doing as many DIY, handmade presents I can, including all handmade, original and crafty wrapping. 

And along the way, a thought popped up in my head that maybe some of you would like to come along and get inspired too. It´s really so much fun, it brings you to the REAL Christmas spirit, it relaxes you and saves you from a lot of stress. And quite frankly, money too.
For me, it was never about the money, and never will be. To me, the value of the present isn´t in how much it costed in money, but how much thought was given to it, to the person it is meant for, and the matter of giving, itself.

So I´ve decided to create an extra section on my blog and dedicate it to a DIY Christmas Inspirations. There will be three major parts:

1. DIY Christmas Gift Ideas - to give you ideas for an original gift, maybe a last minute one, and maybe one that will save your Christmas, because, just like me, you have no money.

2. DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas - to get you to the Christmas spirit

3. DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas
Anywhere in between I will try to post a few tips and cool ideas related to this very special holiday.

I hope you will enjoy it. Let me know in the comments if you need any more specific info on any of the ideas and I will do my best to help. 
If anyone will find at least a tiny inspiration, a nice little detail that will make you smile and look forward to and enjoy the upcoming holidays, then mission is accomplished :)

So stay tuned and don´t forget to come back and check for new posts, or even better, sign up to follow my blog (or subscribe to it) so you´ll get a notification when a new post is out. And if you enjoy my blog, please spread the word, recommend it to your friends or like it on Facebook. Thank you!

And don´t forget - Christmas is all about love, family, friends, good times, good company, gratitude and giving. Not about stress, must-do´s, crazy whole house clean ups, over-eating, or expensive, often impersonal presents.



ainnirbard said...

Katerina - so happy for your Christmas spirit! My family has taken the opposite approach to a lot of families. Instead of worrying about presents and money, etc, we just get together around Christmas and spend time over a good meal and great conversations. Much less stress this way!! :)

grace crawford said...

Very cute! I have seen that image many times and always loved it!

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