Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tug Of War, Water Games And Other Fun

This time we decided to take the babies and mama to the pond. We (the pups and us) really like to crawl into the woods, off the trail, rather than following the well known path. It´s definitely more fun! :)

So this time, I headed into the thick bush quite shortly after reaching the forest, and I told Toly Rose to "lead us". She is such an independent cute little puppy! I just love giving her the chance to show us what "she´s got" and watch how she solves different situations she faces and how she chooses where to go and how to proceed forward.

We took several stops to play tug of war with some sticks and to see who from the babies has the biggest focus.

Cora seems to be the winner of that one :)

After tug of war, we headed straight for the water of the "First Pond" as we call this little spot beside the trail.

This was another new experience for the kids. After last week´s experience at the creek, the pond was very different - being calm and still, so they decided to try their paws at it a bit more.

Toly Rose was a definite "winner" of the water games. She seemed to especially enjoy it and taking a little bath made her run crazy fast around, before going for another splash.

 There she goes! :)

On the way back we also played our favorite hide and seek game. This time both Jachym and I, together with mama Lucky, hid in the bushes alongside the trail. We walked towards home, the kids of course ahead of us, and then we quickly "disappeared" without a word. And we watched and waited.

The three stormed back on the trail towards us, as soon as they found out we are not following them. They passed us in our hideaway, but quickly realized we are not further back and returned. Using their noses and ears, they dove into the bush and - found us! I swear, the biggest reward for them is always the fact that they find you. No need for treats. 

Satisfied with themselves and their afternoon game time in the woods, the little huskies jumped into their kennel joyfully and settled down to dream of their next adventure.


Finn said...

Great outing! ANd glad to see some of that snow has melted!

(Karen) Lisa Daley said...

Puppies are so much fun! Toly Rose was brave because that water looked kind of cold judging from her expression :>) You have a great place - is there lots of land?