Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer is Gone, but the Blogger is Back!

It is hard to believe, but summer is actually, definitely over in our part of the world :)

Those three months since I last wrote a blog post were a busy, interesting, sometimes very hard yet very rewarding time to say the least, and I have many, many great pictures and stories to share, on many fronts.

The other day I wrote an article which I will be sharing in the very next post, but I wanted to say hello before I do that and "announce" that I am back online, ready to blog away and share with you the tails of the trails, the recipes from my rugged kitchen, the news from the kennel, updates on the puppies, natural animal health care tips and all the odds and ends of my life in the woods with the amazing pack of dogs.

I look forward to reading your comments and feedback. Let me officially "announce" that the "blogger is back"! :)


Finn said...

Welcome back, welcome back!!

Katerina said...

Oh thank so much Finn! It´s great to be back and be able to see what my friends around the Globe are up to as well! Hope you had a great summer :)