Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jameson And The Girls

Jameson (as well as his siblings, the "Whiskies") has hit the doggy-teenage. Fortunately, besides being real sweet and super friendly, the Whiskies show no dominance among the other dogs, as it should be in their native dog behavior. 

So, here he is, surrounded by the girls Rapid, Magpie, Snowy and Galena (all my main racing leaders), being really "little", despite his huge size :)

"I am just a little puppy, really. And I am not even here."

"Geez guys, just don´t hurt me. I am a puppy, ya know?!"

Oops! The girls really have fun picking on Jameson. Brats!

"Ok, ok, now we´re friends"

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