Sunday, March 11, 2012

Running With a New Focus

Things are, as the old saying is: "Same, same, but different".

Since we have re-focused from Finnmarkslopet to Pasvik Trail, which starts on March 29, there are a few changes and going back to running an open-class team.

First of all, the focus is steadily building up the dogs´ condition back up, and doing a few longer runs.

The trail conditions are quite challenging at the moment, with temperatures above zero and occasional freezing over night, the trails are polished and icey and the warm temperatures force us to stop frequently and let the dogs roll in the snow and cool off.

We are back to the 3 day on and 1 day off, but would like to do a bit longer miles on each run, which is difficult with as warm temps as +5°C.

The kids are much, much better now, and I start to see the spark in them, I like to see.

And that, of course makes me smile :) 
As a friend says: "happy tails make happy trails" and the same counts for mushers :)

We are back to running two teams - one of 10 and one of 8 dogs for the moment, due to icy trails.

What is truly fascinating and what I totally love about this time of the year is the LIGHT!
These pictures were taken during our March 8 run, sometime after 6:00pm. Just look at all that light!!! :)

 A definite treat after the dark months of winter :)

What you might like to know: The kids back in training for the Pasvik Trail 300 are:

Tazlina, Rapid, Galena, Snowy, Magpie, Ziggi, Krtek, Skittles, Rizey, Star, Comet, Runner, Hawky, Frostie, Goosak, Grayling, Magneto and Misa.

As you can see, the core from the Tobacco Trail is still there, just without two great dogs: Chilli and Nugget, who we decided need more rest and time to gain proper weight. It is sad to leave these guys behind when we head out for a run, they are two amazing dogs and of course two of the absolute best in our kennel. But there is always a next year!

And that´s it for the "new and old" stuff going on the trails of Vedjeön! Happy Trails!

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