Saturday, March 10, 2012

The "Puppies" Reach the Next Level

One of Steve´s jobs at our kennel was running the yearling team, aka "the puppies". It made a huge difference, being able to give these young guys the regular exercise they so much love, enjoy and need, while Jachym and I focused on training the main string.

Chip, Chisana, Lucky (who is now on maternity leave with her five gorgeous babies), Joey, Iceman, Inuk, Modra and Dasher got integrated to the main team and ran the entire fall season with the experienced dogs and even did a bunch of camping trips. 
But by mid December, the main string was doing tough, intense runs five to six times a week and the young dogs needed to be "cut back" a bit. 

Those of you who know us personally know, that it takes us a while before we entrust our kids to anyone so you can imagine what kind of responsibility we "hung" on Steve´s neck! :)

And he did do a great job with the kids!

One of his wishes was to see "his" team step up to the next level in form of a longer run together with the main string team, before he, Rebecca and Tove left. 

And so on Sunday, two days before their departure, we headed out for a longer run together.

And what a lovely day we chose!

These are the main string guys (and their musher), that were supposed to run the 500km Finnmarkslopet.

Steve´s team, led by Modra and HuggyBear. 

Modra is turning into such solid little leader - watch for big things from this smart girl in the future! :)

My leaders - Galena and Rapid, munching on a chicken snack.

The "puppies", looking GREAT, after they have already gone further than usually. All smiles and focus.

They not only managed to make the almost double length of run without signs of being tired, they also did it in a pretty good time!

Thank you Steve for taking such good care of the kids. Maybe they will be waiting for you to race next year....??! :)

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