Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Handsome Jack

Every grandparent knows the feeling when their grand kids come visit. I am not sure how every breeder feels when they see a puppy from their kennel after a while, and not every puppy gets to see their birth kennel again.
But what I know is that for Jachym and me, it is certainly a priority to be in touch with the new families of our "kids". In such case, we become the "grandparents" :)

And with Jörgen and Maria with their family and dogs visiting us over the New Year´s holidays, we got to spend some time with Jack (JACK DANIELS Kipp d´Amunsen, out of Galena x Nitro).

Time went by so fast that we unfortunately didn´t get a chance for family reunion with his siblings Jameson, Johnnie, JB and Jamie. 

Jack is lovely! He so much resembles his mom Galena, in looks and mostly in behavior, it´s really cool!

Kisses to "grandma"

and snuggles with grandpa

IT was so good to see you, Jacky-boy!

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