Friday, April 1, 2011

Can't Call it a Puppy Run Anymore aka: Kipp d'Amundsen's New Talents

Although the distances we travel with the teams of yearlings are still quite short, one can´t call it puppy runs anymore, when some of the youngsters already try their paws at leading!

Chisana (right) learning from the best

While our handlers Misa and Nardo had a day off today, Jachym and I took 2x two teams out for a run, including the naughty and notorious Phoenetic Litter (see the post below).

By the time we were finished, it was quite dark, so please excuse the quality of the photos.

Snorka (left) and Maggie during a short break. The youngsters now whine and scream to go, slaming into their harnesses, on the short breaks. Another sign they are ready for an "upgrade" :)

They pull hard and strong.

Chisana trying out the leader´s job beside our super leader Taz. Talk about learning from the Pros. She did great, by the way!

Joey (DOC JOEL Kipp d´Amundsen - Horizon Hunter Kipp d´Amundsen x Nay-La-Chee´s Chill Out Balto) is one of those "always in a good mood" guys with an omnipresent smile, good heart, strong head, power of a horse and never giving up attitude. Can´t wait to see this, one of my absolute favourites among the youngsters, in the main team one day!

Chasing Jachym´s team. Learning the sense for competition in an early age is good!

The little black fur-cannonball in left wheel is Charlie.

Another dog who got his try in lead today was Chip. Beside experienced Ginger he did excellent! Look how driven he is! This dog is all about power, just like his mom Star, with the striking looks and sweetness (that often gets him out of trouble) of his dad Canuck! :)

Charlie and Iceman. Good dogs!

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