Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weather Change and Our Daily Routine

post by Nardo Drouven

So yesterday the weather changed.... we previously had cold, clear, sunny weather, and now we have dark, grey, warm weather with mushy snow and mushy shit and water dripping everywhere.... not nice... a nightmare for poopscooping, and very bad for the rail I think... we will hear the report about the conditions of the trail later today when Katerina and Jachym return from training I suppose...but my bet is that it's not gonna be too nice.... well.. let's hope for the best...

I thought it might be nice to give you all an idea about what our daily routine at the farm looks like :-)

We wake up around 07:30 and then get up... do some morning exercises, drink a cup of warm water and then head out to feed the doggies at about 08:00. The dogfeeding takes between 45 minutes and an hour I'd guess (never tracked the time, since I can't be arsed to carry my phone all the time, and I still did not make an extra hole in my watch-band, so it still doesn't fit me well). After the dogs are fed, we go back inside the house and have breakfast ourselves, usually all together:-).
After breakfast, we head out again and do the poopscooping... this takes also about an hour I think... and then we usually prepare the dogdinner or do some other little tasks outside if we remember them ;-)... Today I broke away some ice around one of the kennels that caused a lot of water to run straight into the kennel, making it all wet... not nice for the dogs (and neither for ourselves..)...
After the poopscooping we head back inside and usually have some free time, which we spend on internet, or reading or chatting until it is time to go train the dogs.
When there's puppytraining, Cal and me get to sled and we train the young dogs in small teams 3-4 dogs), and when the adults get trained, it is done by Katerina and Jachym in big teams (10-12 dogs).
When we train, we obviously train... when K&J are out for training, we usually let some old or young dogs run in the yard, or take them for a walk... we also do some little tasks and prepare some lunch and discuss dinner plans etc... and in spare time again read, chat or internet :-)
Depending on the training (long or short) it is either time to relax a bit after K&J return (and after the snacking and returning of the dogs of course) or time to make dinner....
In general we sleep fairly early here, cause we get up fairly early as well, and we move quite a lot during the day for our standards, so we tend to be fairly tired. Days pass very quickly out here! But I guess that is not only due to the nice doggies, and the work, I guess it is part of getting older as well ;-)


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