Monday, September 20, 2010

Puppy Run

I am sure I´ve mentioned already on a number of occassions, that I love puppy runs.

The only problem is, that when autumn comes, I start lacking time to spend with the youngsters.

This year, so far we´ve managed to squeeze in occassional 4km (2,5 mile) runs. Jachym promises he´ll step in soon and take over the puppy/senior team, as we call it.

Today´s run was great - all the pupps are making a huge progress in terms of getting used to the harnessing and hooking up rutines, drinking on the trail, running in different positions and sides of the gangline, etc.

The biggest stars at the moment are Lucky, Chip, Iceman (on picture above), Joey and Modra.

And here are a few numbers for you:

This year, we have 9 youngsters on the puppy team, ranging from 10 to 15 months. With Bliss, the professor gone to retirement, we have three pensioners (seniors) to run as role models for the pupps. And we have 3 adults, retired for one reason or another, from the main string.

In October it will be time to harness break the monsters, aka the "Phonetic Alphabet" litter, and Dasher the lion-dog.

Busy season lies ahead!

Water break

Joey full-mouth in the dish. He is as enthusiastic as his father Balto, thus uses lots of water to cool off after pulling like a horse.

Joey (Balto x Rizey) and Chip (Star x Canuck) during water break. Two of the most talented and driven dogs in the group of last year´s pupps.

Lucky (Chatanika Kipp d´Amundsen - Star x Canuck)
is another incredibly hard driving yearling.

One of today´s puppy team leaders Mouse....

... believe it or not, this isn´t the same dog.
This is her daughter Modra (Inuit Kipp d´Amundsen).

And here is a short video of the puppy team before start. Learning how to stand lined up and wait to go:

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