Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our Professor of Leading Definitely Retires

I always thought Bliss will retire with us.

We got her when she was eight, and just retired from a career of a hard working sled dog in a large touring company, when we were seeking a good older leader to help us train in young talented leading prospects.

Bliss not only excelled as a leader, but she immediately became the most important teacher we and our youngsters ever had. Irreplacable.

This girl wasn´t just smart, obedient, patient and smooth running dog, she became a real friend and pleasure to have around. Never growled at another dog, never got into any fight. Super friendly with everyone, loving attention and company, conflict free with cats, our bunny Roger and other animals.

Tomorrow morning, Bliss is leaving for a great journey and towards a great new life that awaits her. As she´s enjoying the sofa while I´m preparing her "suitcase", my heart is heavy and my throat feels dry.

So why would I ever do such thing as placing her somewhere else?

Bliss was supposed to retire this past spring, after we could see she doesn´t enjoy longer runs, can´t keep up the speed of the older pups and simply looks forward to easier life.

But the snow was gone and a new group of puppies were ready for harnessbreaking. Iceman, Inuk, Snorka, Modra, Maggie, Joey, Chisana, they all were in a need of the "Professore".

And so I took Bliss out for those 1 and 2 mile runs throughout the summer. And she thoroughfully enjoyed it, loved being needed and depended on. And tought yet another bunch of youngsters the arts of being a sled dog.

Now she is 11,5. The puppies grew up and are thirsty for longer runs. And since our wonderful summer handler Adela fell in love not just with the dogs deeply and beyond repair, she also fell in love with Bliss. And so did her mom Helena, who visited us shortly.

And it was time for us to not be selfish and give our super girl and one of the most honorary dogs this kennel ever had, the retirement she deserves. In the beatiful area of Western Bohemia, with planty of hiking trails, one brand new sofa and a deeply loving family.

I will miss you terribly, Bliss, you were my partner on the trail and a friend for life.
And I´ll come check up on ya next year when we visit our homeland. Thank you, Professore!

P.S. And I most sincerely hope, Adela, that you realize what honor you received, by getting this super-responsible duty of providing the forever home to Bliss! ;-)


Adélomut said...

Don't be so sad.... :( That makes it much harder even for us ;)

But remebmer - she will live with "The best dog handler on the planet" ;))
And we will always do the very best to keep a happy and comfortalble life for our Blissinka :)

Anonymous said...

Ach jo. Asi se jí bude stýskat... mama eva