Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Playing with the Big Dogs

Since the focus was lately on the youngesters, the big guys started letting us know it was about time to take out the "real team for a real run"!

Tazlina and her daughter Krtek led us out of the yard for what turned out to be a delightful run despite the sudden rain shower.

through the "streets of Vedjeön"

cooling off in a ditch by the main road

Nugget (left) and Maya - two mud muts

Everyone cooled off, wet and mudy, ready to run again

Here comes a little stronger shower

A bit pitty, as planned a double lenght run, but I just don´t see a point in getting the dogs soaken wet during what´s meant to be a summer fun-run

We had an adventure diving into the deep water at the swamp on the way back. As soon as the team turned off the forrest road, all I saw was dogs swimming their way across. Even the ATV floated, but the dogs kept pulling forward, so floated across smoothly and uneventfully.
The next challenge was waiting ahead, after the long climb up, above our house. Jachym made a nice photo series from that, so stay tuned for the next post...

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