Monday, May 31, 2010

Keepin´em Happy - Among Friends

Just because a dog doesn´t run in the main string team or compete in races, doesn´t mean he or she is less valuable, OR suffers in any sort of way (I´ve been told so on a number of occassions, and still can´t believe some people really think this!).

Bliss is 11 and has been on a race just once. She is one of the most valuable team members we have, though, because of her role of a super leading teacher. That is what earned her the nickname "Professore of Leading" :)

She is a happy go lucky gal and although I clearly see that her career of a sled dog is aproaching an end soon, she will still have that special place in our hearts and on our couch.

There were moments when we thought of placing her this spring to a good pet home, to provide her more daily attention, but somehow things didn´t work out and I have to admit, that deep in my heart, I was happy for that. There are a few dogs I simply can´t imagine parting with, and I came to understand that Bliss is definitely one of them.

And although I thought she was done running in harness, she harnessbroke yet another group of youngsters and still enjoys those short, fun runs, with fun stops that always offer a treat. And she found a true friend apart from the kennel life -- During just one walk, Mouse and Bliss have totally bonded!

The Professore in her element - running wild and free

Two friends

Bliss all smiles

She loves water (and mud!)

the girls are like twins

everywhere together

simply everywhere together :)

Mouse loves Bliss´s company, it´s probably the only dog that doesn´t anoye her. Funny, she doesn´t even seem to be jeleous. And Mouse is a super jeleous dog!

some nice scenery during an evening walk

Goose family on the lake

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Malin Karlsson said...

Hej Katerina!

Vilka fina bilder du lägger ut!

Jag har en sida på facebook som heter Vedjeön

Skulle vara roligt om du kunde gå med där och lägga ut några av dina fina bilder så fler som hör till Vedjeön får se dem. Det är ju hos er det händer mest i denna lilla by och jag vet att många är nyfiken på hur livet med era hundar ser ut =)

Ha det så bra! Hälsningar Malin Karlsson