Friday, April 16, 2010

Puppies, Yearlings, Seniors - All having fun on the snow

We try to expand our sledding season as much as we can, although we know it is a matter of days. In the effort, we focus mainly on the puppies, yearlings and seniors/dogs retired from racing.
Mouse laughing at a good joke Bliss is telling her

Mouse, Blissy, Buck, Delia, Lucky and Grayling heading out for a 4 mile run

Two "rookies" - Grayling (left) is 4 years old, but new on our team, and Lucky (10 months), has been just harnessbroken.

The teachers:

"Il Professore" - Bliss the super leader teacher (11 years)

Delia - 11 years

Mouse - another nice, dependable leader, 5 years

and Mr. Buck - 12,5 years

The foundation dog of our kennel, multiple sire and grandsire to many of our top dogs. The alpha and omega of Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels. Is there anything more to say? Yes - the canine love of my life.
And some of the rookies:
Grayling - Buck´s son

and Lucky - Buck´s grandaughter

Both as promissing as any of Buck´s children :)

Some TLC with leaders Mouse and Bliss

Here another team, led by Tazy and Babeli (right, 11,5 years), followed by yearling Huggy Bear and advanced rookie Skittles, and "freshman" Chip with Maya in wheel.

More nice pics from the puppy/senior training in the Picasa album:

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