Saturday, November 14, 2009

First is first

I love the first time puppy walks. I usually can´t wait and count the time, till they get 8 weeks.

The anticipation in their eyes and the joy of the freedom and space around them, when we open the gate and let them out of the garden.

What will the next litter be like, how will they react to things? Who will be the fastest, the most daring and courageous one? Who will chase their siblings and win any race, and which one of the guys will come up with various games they play in the woods.

And so it was with the Northern Exposures (Rizey x Balto´s puppies), couple days ago :)
The pleasure for the puppies and us always is, when we can let their mom run loose. In case of Rizey, who´s grown up roaming the woods with her siblings until seven months of age, we do have such luxury.
Joey and Holling can´t wait to get out of the kennel to run, run, run.

Holling out on the meadow

Following their mom (and Helena with the kibble bucket)

Holling, sporting his big puppy ears :)

Joey and Maggie learning to come on the "kuciii, kuciii" call

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