Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chilkoot´s New Life

Chilkoot was the "last bird to fly out of the family nest", as the old Czech saying would call it.

Since he is one of our top favourites from the "CH" litter out of Star and Canuck, it was hard to let him go, and the thought he will live with our neighbours, so we can see him often, was one of the few comforting supports of that decision.

Chilkoot stayed with us until he was 5,5 months old, which made it particulary dificult to part with this cheerful, always happy-go-lucky, and very easy going guy.

Nonetheless, yesterday it was time for little Chilkoot to move to his new family and pack, with Alexandra and Thorsten and their huskies.

We took some pictures of him, meeting his new buddies, and he sure enjoyed playing in the dog yard with them.

Chilkoot and Goofy saying "hi"

Ooh, three big guys!

Chilkoot found a friend and a big "bro" in Yuma

We wish Chilkoot a happy life full of love, adventure and fun in his new home!
You can follow his future adventures at Alexandra and Thorsten´s website and blog.

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