Friday, October 23, 2009

Puppy Update: Northern Exposure LItter @ 5 weeks

Here comes my regular weekly puppy update. Since we have two litters at home, the "CH" litter outside, and a fairly large pool of dogs to train nearly every day, I´ve decided to make the updates of the Northern Exposure and the "I" litter at the same time, from now on, as things are pretty busy here right now.

The Northern Exposure litter entered the sweet and adorrable brats phase, and they are very cudly and demand our contact. They became like glue-sticks, whenever I wash dishes or cook, they would all pile up on my feet and fall asleep.
They have super friendly attitudes and we can´t wait to start taking them for daily walks in the woods.

Rizey is a great mom, I would say exactly like her mom Magpie. Sweet, soft, protective, yet playful, and extremly tolerant to her babies. They can do pretty much whatever they want and get away with it. She adorres and spoils her kids rotten.




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