Sunday, October 18, 2009

Northern Exposure Litter @ 4 weeks

Rizey´s kids are slowly getting used to spending time outside. The recent warm-up is an advatage in this case, as it is hard to get the small ones used to the cold, during this time of the year, when they have been raised indoors.

At four weeks, their little personalities are already written all over them, so let´s see if they resemble of their namesakes :)
So far the most calm and quiet, very laid-back puppy. He is way bigger than his siblings and is very leggy already. Nothing seems to bother him and he takes the poking from his brothers and the attacks of his evil sister with a totally cool head.


aka the blue eyed monster is pretty, smart beyond imagination, and bad. I mean BAD. She is evil and rules the three poor guys since day one. So much for a poor tiny little girl, growing up with three pushy brothers, who has to fight her way through the day. If Chuchinka from our "CH" litter was bad, than Maggie is the devil´s own. She has me totally wrapped around her paws (a typical devil behaviour). I can´t help myself, though. The smart, evil girls usually make my team as the top dogs :)

Sweet little Eddie, who waggs his tail even in his sleep. He is always smiling, always comming up with some comedian performances. He doesn´t really care for a cuddle, though and he is a tad reseerved towards new things and situations at this moment. A definite sweetheart.

From all four, Joel (or little Joey, as we like to call him) is the one who is an exact copy of his namesake. Sweet, charming, adorable, yet a bit moody, perhaps having a tiny bitsy of "little man complex" and, oh well, a little grouchy. He gets himself into trouble often and easily, and the only one he doesn´t really have a weapon against is Maggie. If you know the Northern Exposures show well, you will see the exact resemblance!

More pictures of the brats here:

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