Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Inuits and Indians

It´s been already two weeks since Mouse and Nugget´s babies were born.
They sure love their mama and often create a shawl or other accessories, on her :)
These guys must be the tinyest puppies we´ve ever had. They are not skinny at all, but they are just really small. It comes to me as a surprise, because both Mouse and Nugget are fairly big dogs and none of their ancestors was small. I assume, they will be just growing slowly and steadily, similar to the "G" litter, from which their dady comes.
With every litter, one learns something new, especially as to the way they grow, develop and mature.

With this update, I finally have announcement of the theme and names we picked fot these little polar bears. While this is time for the "I" letter, we searched names not only starting with I, but that would have one theme in common and be suitable for future sled dogs! Always a challenge we both love :)
So here I present to you the Kipp d´Amundsen "I" Litter, named after Inuit and Indian words and meanings:
(as always, in act of apereance as they were born)
INDIAN SUMMER Kipp d´Amundsen
I´ve always wanted to name one of our puppies with this beautiful name, and since our little "Summer' was the first born of the litter, born outside on a beautiful sunny autumn day, I could not resist
IKIAQ Kipp d´Amundsen
Ikiaq means "red spruce" in the Inuit language. I searched for names to reflect the red coat of this girl, and this name came out as pretty, natural and unique option.
ICEMAN Kipp d´Amundsen
Ok, this isn´t really neither Inuit, nor Indian name. We had many ideas and options, but the name Iceman kept on comming back to us. Partially in honor of his grand-cousin Ice (our Cheyenne´s brother, who was a wonderful and very beautiful dog that ended up in not very good hands by my big mistake, which I will never forgive myself for), Jachym and I decided this was the right name for this little polar bear resembling guy.

INUKSHUK Kipp d´Amundsen
There´s no need for much explaining of this boy´s name. Inukshuk is a notoriously known symbol of the Inuit people, "the one who shows the way". It became an icon in today´s world and many nature lovers and hikers build inukshuks along the trails all over the globe. Needless to say, inukshuks became a symbol of Canada, over the past few years. With an honorable name like this, we hope our little Inukshuk will become a great part of the team, helping others to find the way, and mabye, you never know..., even becomming a leader :)
For more info about the name and meaning, go to Wikipedia.
INALI Kipp d´Amundsen
You should be careful, what you ask for when naming your dogs! Inali means grey fox in the Cherokee language, and oh-boy - is she ever a smart, fast, cheeky, foxy little gal, already this young! She even manages to climb over the pool, in which the litter resides.

ILUQ Kipp d´Amundsen
Iluq means frost in the language of the Inuit people. Our "frosty" little girl is also one of the last few decendants of an acomplished litter of working siberian huskies from the old Czech bloodlines, where her namesake Iluq, was a main race leader and influential stud dog for many years.
INUIT Kipp d´Amundsen
The smallest girl, the last born in her litter, got the simple, but mighty name of the people of the North. Same as her sibling and twin, Iluq, Inuit is also named in honor of her namesake from the same acomplished litter from the old Czech bloodlines she carries.
Something we didn´t know when we named the puppies, had occured later - Inuit is clearly showing us that she is gonna be a blue-eyed dog. While we don´t care about the eye color in our dogs at all, the Inuits believed, that the blue eyed dogs could see the wind.

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